Landscape by Tomas Icaza


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  • Award giving by Central Asia Travel CAT

    Keep Snow Clear on Peak Lenin

    since 2014

    Central Asia Travel organises every year Clean up prize and campaign on Peak Lenin's slopes, encouraging mountaineers to protect the area.

  • VRT by Lapiana Lapiana

    Vestini Transhumance Route project

    not yet implemented

    Salviamo La Piana association develops a project which will help promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the area and sustainable practices.

  • Person on rock by Daniela Ramirez

    Helping Indian communities in Mexico

    on going

    Eco-AlterNATIVE Tours connects tourists with local communities, presenting their cultural traditions and the environment challenges they face today.

  • Goles Kolibe by Ivana Draskovich

    Ecotourism in Montenegro

    on going

    Eco-Tours agency organises adventure activities in remote northern Montenegro, while preserving local traditions and helping inhabitants.

  • Everest post 2 by Erik Ravenstijn

    Everest Recycling Challenge

    on going

    The Recycling Challenge association focuses on recycling and selling garbage from the Himalayas for the benefit of local families who will improve their lives.

  • Group photo by Tomas Icaza

    Conservation of climbing sectors in "El Manzano"

    6 months to one year

    Association SinHuella helps restoring climbing areas and educates about forest conservation and sustainable environment behaviour.

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