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  • Altai Mountains by -

    Promote the use of solar energy among nomadic Altai people

    2015 -10 months

    The Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai (FSDA) is developing the use of solar energy in Altai remote places and trains marginalized groups to promote an “eco-energy” form tourism.

  • Nepal by -

    Bupsa & Bumburi Village Development, Nepal


    Trekking and expeditions’ company Adventure Alternative engages in the sustainable development of tourism destinations communities in Himalaya.

  • Pamir Horse Adventure by -

    Pamir Horse Adventure supports biodiversity in Tajikistan

    ongoing from 2013

    This Tajik local tour operator is involved in the development of community-based tourism in the Pamirs involving horse touring and a programme designed to protect the endangered snow leopard.

  • Pamir Horse Adventure by -

    Water Awareness on the Lebanon Mountain Trail


    The LBT association promotes the conservation and sustainable use of water through the information to the Trails users, to the local farmers, schools and Lebanese administration.

  • Tourism Development Society by -

    Tourism Development Society engaged in the limitation of negative environmental impact of tourism bu

    from 2014 – one year

    This dynamic young destination management organization promotes the use of quality accomodation standards in Nepal far-west regions and educates local hospitality businesses professional trainings.

  • Kyrgyz Community by -

    Developing mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan - 10 years’ experience

    ongoing since 2003

    CBT has been developing a network of tourism communities from remote parts of Kyrgyzstan. Helping with the living conditions, CBT’s ecotourism model uses the local and cultural resources.

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