Community Based Ecotourism homestay by Chloe Lala-Katz


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  • Hotel front by Tourism Development Society (TDS)

    Biodiversity-oriented local tourism in Khaptad National Park

    2013 - 2016

    Nepalese Tourism Development Society develops trekking routes and local opportunities while raising better understanding of biodiversity richness of national protected area.

  • Less in More Out garbage policy in Azerbaijan’s  by Jamal Kashkay

    Less in More Out garbage policy in Azerbaijan’s mountains

    since 2013

    Mountaineering Federation FAIREX has started since 2013 concrete actions to sensitize and involve alpinists and trekkers to reduce and remove their waste.

  • Tracking Brown Bears in the Rodopi Mountains by Wild Rodopi

    Using local traditional ecological knowledge in Rodopi Mountains


    Organisation Wild Rodopi uses an ethno-biological approach to set up a bear conservation project to collect data and build a sustainable bear-focused ecotourism project.

  • Horses at a river by Fundación Agreste (Ecología y Medio Ambiente)

    Preventing desertification, Paso Grande

    2013 - 2017

    Argentinian association Fundación Agreste undertakes since 2013 a programme protecting mountain dry forest biodiversity while supporting sustainable local management.

  • Sustainable waste management and beyond in remote  by Aisha Khan

    Sustainable waste management and beyond in remote Pakistan

    2003 - 2014

    Mountain and Glacier Protection Organisation developed a waste disposal project and awareness policy along frequently used route to popular mountain summits.

  • Creating Awareness on Littered Landscapes by Sangay Wangchuck

    Creating Awareness on Littered Landscapes of Alpine Bhutan

    from December 2015

    Sustainable collection of cordyceps and sound waste management at high altitude, call for support by Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment.

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