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  • Atlas Morocco by -

    How ecotourism supports aquaculture biodiversity in Ifrane Park, Morocco

    June 2013 - June 2015

    The Moroccan Association for Ecotourism and Nature Protection has developed a fish tourism program promoting the local aquaculture biodiversity and the preservation of water resources of Middle Atlas.

  • Scout2 by -

    International Scouting Centre promotes "Leave No Trace" hiking in Swiss mountains


    Kandersteg International Scout Centre organises every year hiking trips for young people focusing on ecology and sustainable mountaineering practices.

  • Booni, northern Chitral by -

    CAMAT: Promoting regional culture through education and tourism in Pakistan


    The Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) is a non-profit tourism association whose aim is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Chitral district in Northern Pakistan and to support sustainable ecotourism activities in the region.

  • Clean Everest by Ken Noguchi

    Trekking Agency encourages climbers and locals to keep Everest clean


    Nepalese trekking agency organizes clean-ups to remove waste left on Mt. Everest and raise awareness about the consequences of human impact on this fragile environment and the way global climate instability impacts the Himalaya

  • Guassa Ridingmule and pack donkey service provders by -

    Ecotourism project takes route in Ethiopia


    The Menz-Guassa Community Conservation Area (GCCA) has been set aside for the protection of the Afro-Alpine in Guassa area. It aims to conserve in perpetuity the biodiversity of the area through a community‐based sustainable natural resource management plan.

  • Alpen Taxi by Patrick

    ALPEN TAXI provides sustainable transportation solutions


    Mountain Wilderness, a Swiss-based mountain conservation organization, provides a sustainable, uncomplicated and stress-free approach to transportation in mountain areas which preserves the last untouched wilderness areas of the Alps

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