Reforestation by Chloe Lala-Katz


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  • Cleanp-up, Triund-Hike by Jodie Underhill

    Indian mountains waste management program


    The compelling example of Waste Warriors’ waste management network and its impact on changing local habits and prejudices.

  • Instructions by Michel Obando

    The holistic approach of the Mountain Cultural Center

    Since 2013

    Peruvian centre goes beyond traditional mountaineering and climbing training courses by focusing on environment friendly behaviours and therapy.

  • Group photo by Schadesh Kumar

    The Agoda community development project

    Since 2014

    Shikhar Travels Company gives back to local community by providing business, tourism and environment trainings.

  • Stone water bar construction by Elín Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir

    The Environmental Fund of the Icelandic Mountain Guides

    Since 2014

    Icelandic Mountain Guides created an Environmental Fund to help protecting areas in Iceland.

  • Porter with waste by Garry Porter

    Mt. Everest Biogas Project

    2015, complete by Sept. 2016

    Using biogas digesters technology in extreme conditions, the collaborative work of volunteer engineers with local communities of Gorak Shep.

  • People riding horses by Jana Buettner

    Horsemen and mountain protection

    Since 2014

    Chilean trekking agency Flecha Extrema involves its horsemen, the Arrieros, to become important actors in conservation and promote sustainable environmental-friendly behaviours.

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