How can we preserve and protect our precious mountain ecosystems and cultures in the 21st century?
By promoting responsible mountain tourism and supporting key stakeholders active in mountain protection.

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award is two-fold:

  • It serves as a crowdsourcing platform, whereby showcased initiatives can solicit funds and be promoted through this site as well as through the UIAA federations’ network (
  • It promotes international recognition via its annual Prize award for the best initiative. The Award winner receives a Prize in the form of a cash grant and is invited to present its activities at the UIAA General Assembly.

For more information go to overview, objectives and see our requirements in how does it work.

  • CAMAT: Promoting regional culture through education and tourism in Pakistan

    CAMAT: Promoting regional culture through education and tourism in Pakistan

    December 20th 2013

    The Chitral Association for Mountain Area Tourism (CAMAT) is a non-profit tourism association whose aim is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Chitral district in Northern Pakistan and to support sustainable ecotourism activities in the region.

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  • Eco Expeditions of Asian Trekking Agency helps clean Mount Everest in a environmentally sustainable way while climbing the world's highest mountain

    Trekking Agency encourages climbers and locals to keep Everest clean

    December 17th 2013

    Nepalese trekking agency organizes clean-ups to remove waste left on Mt. Everest and raise awareness about the consequences of human impact on this fragile environment and the way global climate instability impacts the Himalaya

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  • The inspiring example of how the Menz Guassa Community Conservation Area in Ethiopia provides a model for developing regionally sustainable ecotourism

    Ecotourism project takes route in Ethiopia

    December 15th 2013

    The Menz-Guassa Community Conservation Area (GCCA) has been set aside for the protection of the Afro-Alpine in Guassa area. It aims to conserve in perpetuity the biodiversity of the area through a community‐based sustainable natural resource management plan.

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  • Alpen Taxi: A sustainable, uncomplicated and stress-free approach to transportation in mountain areas

    ALPEN TAXI provides sustainable transportation solutions

    September 25th 2013

    Mountain Wilderness, a Swiss-based mountain conservation organization, provides a sustainable, uncomplicated and stress-free approach to transportation in mountain areas which preserves the last untouched wilderness areas of the Alps

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  • Sustainable climbing and environmentally friendly general approach example to mountains

    Promoting “leave no trace” climbing

    July 31st 2013

    Keepwild! Climbs website, publications and courses raise awareness on rock areas preservation and introduce to an unconventional way of climbing for all climbers.

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  • Respect The Mountains project Envirotrek aims for each participant to have a fun experience in the outdoors.

    Envirotrek in Europe

    July 19th 2013

    Millions of tourists visit the European Alps each year and leave rubbish behind. Envirotrek create fun, community events at various European mountain locations to remove waste by bringing together stakeholders such as tourists, local business and organizations, government and outdoor companies

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  • Practical Solid Waste Management Solutions for Rural Community-based Tourism Companies in the Highlands of Bolivia

    LaPaz on Foot provides waste management solutions for tourism companies

    July 19th 2013

    The waste management project of La Paz on Foot travel agency aims to develop local capacities and to increase tourism agencies’ participation.

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