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UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2015

Do you want to be the winner of the UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2015? Submit your application by 31th July.

For more information read our overview, objectives and requirements in how does it work.

How can we preserve and protect our precious mountain ecosystems and cultures in the 21st century?
By promoting responsible mountain tourism and supporting key stakeholders active in mountain protection.

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award is two-fold:

  • It serves as a crowdsourcing platform, whereby showcased initiatives can solicit funds and be promoted through this site as well as through the UIAA federations’ network (www.theuiaa.org).
  • It promotes international recognition via its annual Prize award for the best initiative. The Award winner receives a Prize in the form of a cash grant and is invited to present its activities at the UIAA General Assembly.

Projects in 2015

  • Increasing ecotourism potential in the Mt Kinabalu’s area, the example of community-based Camp Lemaing

    Call for funding from community-based Camp Lemaing Mt Kinabalu

    July 22nd 2015

    Naturally made eco camp Lemaing in Malaysia, thanks to the generous collaboration of local NGOs provides alternative income and perspectives to local communities.

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  • National park and volunteer association’s successful collaboration: the creation of the green track to Miners Village - Glendalough

    Green historic track through protected area, Ireland

    July 22nd 2015

    Balancing the impact of visitors and the protection of the environment: the solution proposed by Mountain Meitheal.

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  • Developing sustainable energy and opening new developments for mountain communities of Pamir region

    New energy technologies and opportunities for Pamir people

    July 22nd 2015

    Improving life, relieving pressure on local nature biomass and providing economical perspectives to Bathang valley inhabitants – the powerful engagement of NGO Little Earth.

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  • Involve high-altitude cordyceps collectors into environment protection and sustainable waste management, the crucial challenge for Bhutan conservation institution UWICE

    Creating Awareness on Littered Landscapes of Alpine Bhutan

    July 16th 2015

    Sustainable collection of cordyceps and sound waste management at high altitude, call for support by Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment.

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  • Supporting the environment protection of the Andes mountain and the education of young local guides

    Local guides training course and ethical expeditions in the Andes

    July 16th 2015

    Social enterprise Project Cordillera share its passion for mountains by providing high-quality sustainable expeditions and training locals to mountaineering and environment protection.

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  • Concrete actions to reduce waste by mountain practitioners, the LIMO project in Azerbaijan

    Less in More Out garbage policy in Azerbaijan’s mountains

    July 15th 2015

    Mountaineering Federation FAIREX has started since 2013 concrete actions to sensitize and involve alpinists and trekkers to reduce and remove their waste.

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  • Sustainable and Community Waste Management in Eco Fragile Mountain Areas, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

    Sustainable waste management and beyond in remote Pakistan

    July 15th 2015

    Mountain and Glacier Protection Organisation developed a waste disposal project and awareness policy along frequently used route to popular mountain summits.

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  • Conservation and Development Initiative in Khaptad National Park

    Conservation and Development in Khaptad National Park

    July 8th 2015

    Nepal Tourism Development Society organisation developed several activities to create new jobs and better understanding around national protected area.

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  • Preventing desertification through conservation activities in Paso Grande, Argentina

    Preventing desertification, Paso Grande

    July 4th 2015

    Argentinian association Fundación Agreste undertakes since 2013 a programme protecting mountain dry forest biodiversity while supporting sustainable local management.

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